Saturday, January 19, 2008

Calculate the Value of Saving for Tomorrow

I have written a lot about the value of saving for the future. This time I thought I would take a different approach: I thought I would show it to you. This financial calculator does all the heavy lifting for you. Simply move the sliders and watch your savings grow over 30 years. Already have some money set aside? Simply input your current savings in the designated field. Enjoy.

I really enjoyed creating this calculator, so expect more calculators and tools in the near future... stay tuned.

By the way, from left to right, the sliders are:

Rate of Return = the return you expect to generate on your money each year.
Annual Contribution = how much money you set aside each year.
Annual Contribution Increase = how much more money you set aside each year. If you intend to save the same amount of money each year, set this slider to zero.


Young said...

That's great! Very good for motivation. I look forward to more calculators in the future.

Shadox said...

You are very welcome.

savings accounts said...
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