Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cross Over Point Calculator

The cross-over point is the point at which your passive income exceeds the income you generate from working. For many it marks the point of transition into financial independence. But... how soon can you get there?

To make things a bit easier to calculate and to facilitate dreams of financial freedom and white sandy beaches, I have created a little cross-over calculator below. To use it, simply enter your annual income, your annual expenses (don't forget to include taxes), and your current savings. Then use the sliders to manipulate your rate of return as well as the growth of your income and your expenses.

Your anticipated date of financial freedom will be displayed by the gauges and your road to riches will be displayed in the line chart. Incidentally, my calculator tells me that we are 15 years from covering our expenses from passive income & 19 years will pass before our passive income surpasses our income from work. Of course, this is assuming everything goes according to plan.

Remember, this calculator should only be used for entertainment purposes. Don't use it to plan your financial future.

Enjoy and tell your friends...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks! :-D

Shadox said...

You are most welcome.

****Veteran Military Wife**** said...

I enjoyed your calculator! I found your site in a roundabout way from the Carnival of Personal Finance...your link does not work at the Carnival, so I just went to your homepage..the next person might not do that, and this is a fun post not to see! Let them know!