Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Recommended Articles

The Simple Dollar is hosting this week's Carnival of Personal Finance. My article titled How to (NOT) Ask for a Raise, is somewhere in that mix. Once again, the articles that I selected below are those I consider the most original ones:

My favorite article in this week's Carnival is the one offered by Money and Values, covering the issue of mutual fund proxy voting records. As large shareholders mutual funds can have a big impact on corporate policy, but how do they actually vote on shareholder resolutions? Check out the article.

FiveCentNickel has a short and sweet post about how it's OK to Spend Money. Us PF blogger types sometimes forget that money is for spending. Yes, you need to spend prudently and make sure you save for what you really need, but when you come right down to it, denying yourself all pleasure just for the sake of hoarding cash is no way to live your life. The answer, as always, has everything to do with moderation.

Gather Little by Little offers a post about how to make your money greener, that is more environmentally friendly. I am afraid I can't claim to follow any of the advice in the article. Time for some re-thinking?

Finally, Art Dinkin offers his take on the question of whether one should roll-over his retirement savings when leaving his employer. My take on the issue is: absolutely. Here are 6 reasons to roll-over your 401K.

My article regarding the new robot I purchased for frequent flyer miles was included in this week's Carnival of Money Stories. Another interesting article that was included in the carnival was offered by My Wealth Builder and discusses signs that indicate that you are being considered for a promotion. Also note the Carnival of Debt Management which was published this week by Debt Consolidation Lowdown

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