Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Personal Finance Questions

People get to Money and Such through a variety of sources, and chief among these are the search engines. I figured it would be interesting to compile a list of some of the personal finance questions and key words that lead readers to my blog and provide a brief answer to each. So here goes:

1. How is my 401K doing compared to my peers? Check out this post.

2. How should I ask for a raise? Here is some advice on asking for a raise. And here's what to avoid.

3. How should I save for retirement in my 20's? Good for you! Here's something to get you started.

4. Should I invest in my company stock? Nope. At least not in a way that will unbalance your portfolio.

5. How should I invest my 401K assets? Here are some pointers.

6. Is rent a waste of money? Hell, no.

I also get the occasional intriguing question. Here is a sample, with my attempt at an answer:

1. What should I do in my 20's? Enjoy life, travel, learn.

2. What companies have the best 401K plans? Wish I knew...

3. What is the coin flip change over probability? errr....

4. How long should I stay at home with my parents? Until you can stand it no more... seriously, just get out of there, dude!

5. Insurance good or bad? Ugly. OK, it depends.

Finally, sometimes people get to Money and Such by using some really strange key words. Check these out:

"Art Dinkin" - huh?! who?!

"brake light, 1997 geo prizm" - I recently fixed my busted one.

"kenneth heebner" and "genius" - I have no idea who he is. Is he really a genius?

"im not good at picking stocks" - neither am I. Thank god they've already invented the index.

"how to cut a bubble" - I've heard that scissors work pretty well.

"random things" - should I be offended that this keyword sends people to my blog?

"my life makes no sense" - OK... welcome to Money and Such

"is it ok to ask your boss for a raise" - asking your cat does not typically yield the desired outcome.

I'm curious, am I the only one that gets traffic from such strange key words? Tell me about your weirdest ones.

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