Friday, March 07, 2008

Burning Bridges is for Suckers

As I previously wrote, I am on my way to my next gig. The week after next I will be starting in my new role as Head of Business Development for my new company. I am now in the process wrapping up my responsibilities for my current employer which got me thinking about the title of this post: burning bridges is for suckers.

Even though I am leaving the company, I am taking with me two critical assets: my reputation & my contacts. Over the past three years of working for this company I have developed a reputation as a reliable, creative and highly competent professional (if I do say so myself). My reputation will stay in this company long after I am gone and I will continue to stay in touch with my network of colleagues and contacts over the long haul.

So even though I am leaving, it is my highest priority to keep these two assets intact and even enhance them, if I can. Although my last day is next Wednesday and my days here are numbered (4 to be exact) – I am not slacking off. I am making sure that my responsibilities are smoothly transitioned and my replacement is well trained.

Even though I have some things I want to say and some complaints that I am dying to air, I will do no such thing. The most productive course of action from a career perspective is to leave the best impression possible.

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