Saturday, February 07, 2009

Enough with the Hypocracy

I don't normally write about these subjects, but I just have to comment about the whole Michael Phelps story. So the guy smoked some pot, so what? So did the President of the US once upon a time. Clearly, the "drug" didn't hurt Phelp's physical performance...  I don't smoke, cigarettes or other stuff, but I think it's time to stop this insane and self-defeating witch hunt against people who choose to pursue habits that do not harm others. At this point any half-objective observer has to admit that alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous than pot, yet the former two are available legally on every street corner.

Yes, he broke the law. Big deal. If you never exceed the speed limit, stand up. You're looking for folks who break the law? Go after Tom Daschle and Tim Geithner, both of which did not pay taxes on substantial income for years, but that's not going to happen because those two made an "honest mistake".

What prompted me to write this brief post is Kellogg's recent announcement that they were going to drop their advertising contract with Phelps. You know what, someone needs to stand up and say: hypocrites, stop this useless, self righteous crusade. From now on, I think i'll buy General Mills cereal instead.

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Jason said...

I agree, we need to stop persecuting people for commiting victimless crimes. Your post is right on the mark.

plonkee said...

Agree. But then I'm thinking that pot should just be legalised. Can it really cause more damage than alcohol?

Shadox said...

Jason, Plonkee - I agree with both of you.