Friday, September 11, 2009

The House - It Is Happening

Yesterday: talked on the phone for hours with mortgage brokers and lenders. Made a choice. Looks like we will be able to get a very nice rate, as in "5%", if all goes according to plan. Also made a late night (10PM) trip to the house, with my realtor, to take pictures of the house inside and out before finalizing the contract this morning. Also while at the house, I got to meet the sellers - which seem to be very nice people. They gave me lots of good information about the house - e.g. the windows are all low e, per city code. Means lower energy bills sweet. Also, the fig tree in the yard will HAVE to go. The mess it's making is insane.

Today: visiting the mortgage broker to get the paper work started. Alpaca will be visiting day care centers for the little ones. The school district is refusing to tell us whether our oldest son, a second grader, has room in the school closest to our proposed new house. They claim this is "district policy". Imbeciles. I hate bureaucrats. What could possibly be the rationale for such a stupid policy?

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1 comment:

Rob Bennett said...

An exciting life change -- congratulations.