Monday, July 30, 2007

New Poll - Are You Happy with Your Company's 401K?

I have decided to solicit some information from my readers in the form of brief polls that I will post periodically. The first of these polls is a simple one:

Are you happy with your company's 401K plan?

Please cast your vote. The poll is located in the top left column of this blog.

1 comment:

dp said...

In short... My new 401(k) plan has more choices but makes it harder to gauge financial performance!

I used to have ADP plan at my prior employer and while it has like 8 choices, all of them were cream of the crop and did well. Additionally, their website made it easier to see transactions when they occurred so I could enter into Quicken and see performances.

My new one with Nationwide, has no way to see units bought at prices... instead, every quarter they send how much it gained/loss in those 3 months. Great. Like I care about those 3 months. I rather have full history of my performance. I understand companies don't want to keep track of that and that's fine... just give me a way to do it myself.