Sunday, May 11, 2008

Guest Posters Wanted

Are you thinking of starting a new blog and want to see what it's like? Do you have a blog that you want to promote? Have something on your mind that you would like to share with the world? Why not post it to Money and Such?

Here are the criteria:
  • All content must be original
  • No re-posts or copies of existing articles
  • Content must be well written (grammar, spelling etc.)
  • Articles must be reasonable in length (no books or manifestos please)
  • No commercial content, advertising or product placement of any kind will be accepted
  • Content will only be accepted from individuals - organizations of any kind need not apply
  • You are permitted to link from your guest post to your own blog or website
  • I reserve the right to publish or not publish any submission at my sole discretion
  • I also reserve the right to edit submissions for language, length and clarity
  • You will receive full credit for your post. Please provide your name or nickname and the name of your blog or website (if any)

If interested please send me an e-mail, with your submission in Microsoft Word format, to e-mail address provided on the right side of this page. Please title the e-mail "guest post submission".


Falkor said...


A very nice post.

if you would be interested in guest posting on my blog, drop me a comment


Angelina Brown said...

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