Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recommended Articles

Here are some of the personal finance articles I enjoyed this week:

The NY Times posted a column by Warren Buffet telling folks that he believes the stock market is a good investment and that he is putting his own personal money heavily into equities. Naturally, this was big news round the PF blogosphere with many bloggers, including Consumerism Commentary and Five Cent Nickel, dedicating posts to this item. Me? I am just glad to be on the same side as the oracle on this one. On the 15th, when the market was taking a major tumble, I made our monthly investment into the stock market. 

Lazy Man wrote a post this week about the good things that are happening in the economy, among them: buying stocks on the cheap (I guess he too is a Buffet fan), and cheap gas. Well, actually, I am not a very big fan of cheap gas. Although expensive gas is painful, it causes folks to burn less of it, and conservation and energy efficiency are in our long term best interest. Still, I won't lie, paying less at the pump is nice.

Another excellent one this week came from Moolanomy who basically published the beginner's guide to frugal living. He covers useful concepts and ideas and gives a whole bunch of suggestions and resources for those of us who are trying to cut expenses in a tough economy.

My final recommendation for the week is an article Plonkee Money posted on the impact of the real estate bubble on her home price and her economic expectations. This is a remarkably sober and level headed assessment of the situation and is a great example of the excellent material Plonkee publishes. If you don't yet subscribe to Plonkee's blog, you should consider doing so.

Also this week, I participated in a number of blog carnivals and events. The Festival of Frugality was hosted by Aridni; and my article about Using Credit in a Tough Economy was Editor's Pick at the Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by Gather Little by Little. I am honored.


Lazy Man and Money said...

Long term you are right, I'd like expensive gas so that we have a kick start for finding better renewable options. Still, with everyone complaining about money lately and the credit markets in the dumps, I'm happy to see cheap gas.

Shadox said...

I am sort of reluctant to admit it, but whenever I pass by my local gas station and see that prices are lower than they were yesterday, I get a little thrill of victory in the pit of my stomach. Bad, bad Shadox...