Saturday, November 01, 2008

Recommended Articles

Here are some of the personal finance articles that I enjoyed over the past week:

JLP from All Financial Matters posted an article about the 50 worst months in the stock market and how the market performed in the months that followed. It's an interesting read, and demonstrates that over the long haul, stocks are a good investment, even if it's tough to remember this during the bear markets.

Brip Blap posted about how wealth is not a zero sum game - in fair trade, both parties can emerge wealthier. I whole heartedly agree - this is the basis for capitalism, n'est pas?

Clever Dude is voting libertarian, claiming that this is not a wasted vote. Well, I agree in the sense that it is not any more wasted than the votes of most other Americans.

Consumerism Commentary posted about lay-away programs - consumers paying in installments and getting the product when they have completed paying for it. What a strange concept!? Why not simply save the money in a bank account, earn interest, and pay for the product all at once when you have the cash? Strange...

Moolanomy has a good post on one of my favorite topics: career planning. Career progress is not something that just happens. You have to know where you are trying to go and take concrete action to get yourself there. Moolanomy's tips are a good starting point.

The Digerati Life - who happens to live in roughly the same area as I, had a post that showed foreclosures in our neck of the woods. California has seen its share of foreclosures, and then some, but Silicon Valley has so far been mostly untouched by this phenomenon. Not for long though, I think...

Finally, Puny Money had an article about how charitable contributions sometimes don't really make it to their intended targets. It is really a good idea to research your charity to make sure that it uses the money for its intended purposes and minimizes administrative costs.

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The Digerati Life said...

Yes, we live in pretty much the same area... :) . I have many friends, relatives and colleagues on your side of the Bay Area, and I actually used to live there during my college years!

I agree that foreclosures are in the horizon for many high-priced places, unfortunately.