Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Counting the Loot

This weekend my 6 year old son and I decided to go through the change jar and roll-up some coins. After a fair amount of work we ended up with a total of $237.50 in change all rolled up in the nice little piles you see above. This coin jar has been laying around for several years now and the coins weighed about 10 lbs when we took them to the bank for deposit.

My son really enjoyed this activity and my three year old twins also wanted to help (obviously making more mess than actually helping). While we were at it we also tackled my son's piggy bank from which we pulled out $37 in coins. He was very proud when the teller handed him several new, crisp notes for his change. I was actually contemplating opening a checking account for my son so that he could learn to manage his money, but I think we'll wait a few more years to do that. He's still too young.

Interestingly, in this huge pile of change, my wife spotted a penny from 1946. This coin has been wondering the world since the year my father was born, until it somehow ended up in our change jar. Just think of all the places it's been. Incidentally, if you are curious about where you paper money wanders off to after you use it to pay for something, you can find out by going to Where's George. I used it a couple of times with interesting results.

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Kids Bedroom Furniture said...

That's nice. Your son gets to have an exposure to handling money at his young age. I wasn't as much when I was his age.