Sunday, December 14, 2008

Credit Room - Site Review

These days folks looking for a new credit card have a variety of websites catering to their needs with offers for matching their lifestyle and financial objectives to the most appropriate card for them. The Credit Room is one such site and the thing that immediately struck me when I visited it was the clean graphic style and appealing layout which are clearly aimed at visitors of the female persuasion. 

I found it very easy to navigate the site and information is very accessible. Visitors can search for cards by feature (e.g. fee free cards), reward type, or the strength of their credit score. Credit Room also offers a large number of credit related articles, many of which aimed at women (I don't think that articles such as "beauty and credit" are meant for tough guys like myself), and others of more general interest - such as this article about dealing with credit limits and this article about identity theft.

All in all, Credit Room is a very nicely designed site that does what it's there for, and does it elegantly. However, one area where the site misses the mark is in the advanced search functionality. This section is meant to allow visitors to search for the right cards based on multiple criteria, such as credit history, country of residence and type of user. The problem is that the functionality simply doesn't work. I entered my country of residence as the U.S., my credit history as good, and identified myself as a consumer... the engine found precisely zero cards that matched my criteria... clearly some repairs are in order.

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