Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcoming My Newest Sponsor

I would like to welcome a new sponsor for Money and Such. You may have noticed the widget in the sidebar of this blog advertising a company called Regus . My relationship with them goes back several years, to my first executive position.

Back in 2002 I ran operations for a start-up company based out of Denver. My operations were distributed around the country in a way that made it unreasonably expensive to rent an office in each location. That's how I first came across Regus. The company offers high-end offices for rent in a multitude of cities around the country and around the world. I rented two offices from them - one in Chicago (my office had a panoramic view of the runways at O'Hare International Airport - no view is more exciting than watching passenger jets take off at a rate of 1 per minute...) and the other in Dallas.

The offices were high end and the service was great. My customers never knew that our company was small and had highly limited resources. I was able to host them in style.

When Regus contacted me about advertising on Money and Such, I was happy to oblige, since I personally used and appreciated their services.

Anyway, that's the back story behind my new sponsors. Take a look at their services, they know what they are doing.

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