Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One Line Answers to Personal Finance Questions

Every once in a while I go through the search terms that people use to get to Money and Such. Most are typical personal finance terms such as 401K or investing in stocks, but some are really good questions while others are truly bizarre. When the mood strikes - and it just did - I like to take some of these search terms and give one line answers in response. Not all the answers below are what you would call serious. Hopefully you can figure out which ones are which...

Here goes:

"Do you pay money for old furniture?" - Some people pay LOTS of money, especially if the furniture is REALLY old. They call them "antiques"... go figure.

"How safe is the stock market?" - It's not, but it's probably your best shot at a decent return over the long term (as in DECADES).

"Why is money worst?" - Sprechen ze english?

"When is the best time to quit a job?" - Tuesdays after tea time are generally considered appropriate. Wednesdays between 2 AM and 4 AM are generally frowned upon.

"Should executive salaries be capped?" - No, executive salaries should not be capped. Only populist law makers consider this a smart move.

"Saving is bad" - Definitely. In Bizarro world! Oh, hold on, are we talking about endangered species here?

"My assistant is making more money than me. How can I make more?" - Seriously? I would say you have a good case for asking for a raise...

"Is this a good time to re-balance my 401k?" - There's no such thing as a good or bad time, just be sure you re-balance according to a predefined schedule and don't time the market.

"Is the iPhone worth the monthly bill?" - HELL YA! It's the best phone I ever had.

"How much should I waste in rent?" - As little as possible...

"Sentence to ask for raise" - "Could I have more money, please?"

"Can money buy happiness?" - Some people think so.

"Do I need an automatic re-balance in my 401K?" - you don't need it, you can re-balance manually, but automatic is nicer. It's the memory thing, you see.

"Working in a law firm sucks" - Oh, yes it does. From experience. I also find that working in a law firm tends to put you in contact with a lot of difficult people.

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FB @ said...

Love it.. I was laughing the whole way through.

Esp at "Why is money worst"

Shadox said...

We aim to please.

Roxanne said...

The questions are very good but the answers are wonderful.

Adelin J said...

It's a good thing because you posted does useful links in the article.I really appreciate that.