Saturday, July 03, 2010

Companies Making a Comeback

I want to talk today about three companies who I had very negative opinions about until recently, but who are doing dramatically better these days, as far as I am concerned:

Domino's Pizza - talk about a crappy pizza, right? That's what I thought until a few months ago. When they released that shocking commercial in which they actually admit to having a crappy pizza and pledge to change their evil ways, I figured we'd give it a shot. Whatdoyaknow? It's true. The pizza is definitely better and the price is reasonable. Nice work guys!

BusinessWeek / Bloomberg - I started reading BusinessWeek about 10 years ago and over the years the quality of that magazine fell of a cliff. It got to the point where the only time I would renew my subscription was using airline miles, to avoid having them expire... well, no more. A few months ago Bloomberg bought the magazine from McGraw-Hill, and totally revamped it. Until that time, I used to leaf through the magazine in about 15 minutes on Saturday morning, spending most of that time commenting on the shallow and crappy quality of the stories (and the particularly large font used to fill up the pages). Now, it takes me hours to go through the magazine and there are actually a bunch of well written, interesting articles for me to read. Kudos!

Ford - These guys have made quite a turn around to their car line-up, haven't they? Now that I am in the market for a new car, I took a serious look at their Fusion vehicle - which looks pretty impressive. I think I will buy a Hyundai Sonata in the end, but still, a few years ago I never would have considered Ford.

Then you have the companies going the other way. Some doing well and clearly losing their way e.g. Apple (see my post from a few days ago) and Toyota, and others that have been giving consumers the middle finger salute for years now, e.g. every major airline in the country, with special recognition to United. The wrath of the consumer be upon you!

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Kim Stiens said...

Wow, a Hyundai? I'm so used to them being the punchline of bad car jokes, but I had heard that they're doing better in recent years. Must be if they've earned your seal of approval!

Shadox said...

Yeah, I know - but they've really come on strong. I plan to buy a Sonata which is several thousand dollars cheaper than an Accord or Camry or Fusion, and is getting some rave reviews.

One of the most important features for me is safety - and they are extremely well rated and offer such features as traction control. Plus 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and 10 year power train. It's a really solid car. Since I plan to drive it for... say... 10 years or more, that's important to me.