Monday, May 21, 2007

AAA Discount - Really?!

Did you ever get asked for your AAA membership card when you asked for a AAA discount? Not me.

A friend of mine was in town on business this week, so both of us took Friday off and drove up to Lassen National Park on Thursday night for a little hiking trip (hence a couple of missed posts). Since this was a pretty spontaneous trip, we did not plan it in detail and did not have a hotel lined up. Driving up I-5, I decided to call ahead and get us a hotel room. I was quoted a rate and asked whether the hotel offered a AAA discount. They did. When we got to the hotel, we checked-in, but no-one asked me to see my AAA card. At that point I started thinking, and I can't remember a single time when anyone asked to see my AAA card before awarding me a discounted rate.

At this point, I am fairly confident that pretty much anyone can get a AAA rate, whether or not they are members. In fact, I think that the AAA discount, which I think averages around 10%, is pretty much a standard discount which you can get anywhere. I think they should change the name to "Brown Hair" discount, or "Tuesday" discount. Does anybody have a different experience?