Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recommended Articles

A couple of days ago my article Beating the Market or Faking It? was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance #100 (!)

Other articles that I found interesting in the Carnival include:

Fundamental Indexing vs. Traditional Indexing from Accumulating Money is an excellent post that puts a spin on index investing. Essentially, instead of weighting stocks by their market caps in the index, creating an index based upon some other criterion. This is an interesting approach, however my concern is that the selecting the criteria will in fact add a bias that will take away the underlying benefit of passive indexing. Anyway, it is a very well written post, and worth reading.

Blunt Money makes a very good point about The Cost of Not Investing. I used to have a similar fear of investing, and my parents still do. However, being too conservative in your investments is, in the long run, just as bad as being overly aggressive. Point well taken.

Are you saving enough for retirement? That's a question that many people, including me, are asking themselves. This post, from Advanced Personal Finance offers a simple way to figure it out. Looks like I am personally in the clear.

Festival of Frugality #74 was also published today (late, but apparently with good reason). It includes my article about Saving Money on Vacation. I haven't actually had time to read too many of the articles in the Festival, but I will add some article recommendations to this post at a later stage.

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