Saturday, June 30, 2007

Announcing: 401K Week

In the coming week I will write a series of posts on the topic of 401K plans. Last week my company's 401K committee, of which I am a member, decided to migrate our 401K plan from ING to ADP. This decision followed a long period of research and internal discussions.

In the end, I am pretty confident that our new plan will be far superior to our existing one. Over the coming week, I will share the details of our new plan and some of the thinking that brought us to the decisions we are making. I will also discuss other interesting aspects of the 401K topic. Here is the posting schedule:

Monday - Our old ING 401K plan & why we chose ADP
Tuesday - Features of our much improved 401K plan
Wednesday - ROTH 401Ks
Thursday - 401K matching - the pitfalls
Friday - Why do we even need the 401K system?

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frugal zeitgeist said...

Cool! I look forward to reading your articles.

It's nice to drop by other blogs again. . . it's been way too long.