Friday, June 01, 2007

A High Class Dude

One of my regular readers and commenters, Plonkee of Plonkee Money fame who hails from the great land of England, posted a link on his blog to a NY Times tool that purports to tell you which social class you belong to based on your occupation, your education, your income and your net worth.

Well, you will all be pleased to know that you are in the presence of a high class dude. From now on I shall only answer to the name Sir Shadox!

So, what makes me a member of the nobility you ask? Well, apparently my graduate degree puts me at the 97% percentile of the population. Like anyone gives a damn. On the other hand, my noble profession in marketing management only puts me in the 63% percentile in terms of prestige. Apparently, I get no respect. To which I can only say, thank god I am not a telemarketer which would have barely got me to the 21% percentile. For privacy reasons I will leave out my income and net worth evaluations, but over all I just made it into the top quintile of the population. Hence, Sir Shadox. If I seem somewhat haughty from now on, you know why.

This is an amusing tool. Give it a shot. Don't forget to check out the other tabs available on the tool that explore interesting aspects of income mobility, across countries and across generations.

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plonkee said...

Hey, thanks for the link back sir (touching forelock appreciatively)