Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yet Another Fight with Citibank

We missed our credit card payment again and Citibank socked us another $86 in late fees and financing charges. Once again, it's Citibank's fault and I am tired of it.

Citibank "upgraded" our card. Previously we had a Citibank Dividend Card and they "upgraded" us, without our request or action, to a Dividend World card. The new card has absolutely no advantages over the old one, as far as I can tell. When the "upgrade" was performed we got a new card in the mail, with a new card number.

What Citibank didn't do, is move our statement e-mail alert to the new card. So, here is a summary: Citibank decided we needed a new card, moved us without asking us to this new card, did not move our e-mail statement alert to the new card, and when we consequently missed our payment (because we did not get alerted to the new statement) charged us $86 in fees and penalties. Is that incentive enough for them to "upgrade" people's accounts?

Here is what we will do. We are going to call Citibank and get them to revoke that idiotic fee. If they refuse to do so, we will close not only the account in question but also the other account we have with them.

I will keep you posted on our discussions with the bastards. Can you tell that I have had enough of credit card company antics?


Patrick said...

Man, that sucks! I would be more than a little upset. Hopefully they will remove the stupid charges. If not, I would be changing companies as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually need an email alert to remind you to pay your bills? Aren't the bills due the same day per month? Give me a break. Try to get the $86 fee removed but even if Citibank does, you should cancel those cards anyway. Credit card companies wait, like spiders, for you to make a mistake. They have no regard for you, such as changing your account to an upgrade. Cancel the cards immediately. I am sure they already put a black mark against you on your credit file anyway.
Aren't you getting tire of this sh** yet?????????

Kimboshell said...

I never have a problem with Citibank. Although, they did just up and cancel my credit card last week because of some fraud issue. The thorn in my side is Bank of America. It will be a happy day when I am free of them.

Shadox said...

Boomie, we don't get paper statements from Citibank, the e-mail alerts were set up to remind us several times during the calendar months, to make sure that we did not miss our payments. Absolutely, the payment date is always the same, that's why we had the alerts set-up.

Anonymous said...

I called and opted out of the
"upgrade". Didn't need the hassle
of a new card and new account
number and I'm glad I did. Hope
you get those fees removed.

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