Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Success at the Gas Pump

I recently wrote a post about my new driving habits and how they were saving me a couple of bucks at the pump. To be perfectly honest a few bucks is all I am actually saving, but my real concern is reducing my CO2 emissions. I have decided to try to reduce them as much as I can (without going crazy).

Last week when it was time for my bi-weekly re-fueling (the benefits of driving a small car and a short commute), I found out that my efforts were being rewarded. My most recent fuel economy: 31.5 miles per gallon. This translates to savings of 3.7 gallons or about $15 per month at $4.11 per gallon of regular compared to my previous fuel economy of about 27 MPG. Nice. This translates into CO2 emissions reductions of 844 pound per year. Wow.

The funny thing about this whole thing is that when you start trying to maximize your fuel mileage, it actually becomes fun trying to beat your "old record". Some of the techniques that got me this far: no idling; smooth and slow acceleration; minimizing needless breaking. I still haven't gotten around to tossing all the junk from my trunk. I am guessing that will be worth maybe an extra 0.5 per gallon?

Thinking of switching to a hybrid, check out this calculator to see if you can justify it financially.


killthepolarbears said...

Not to knock your contribution to the (possible) global warming, but isn't planting one tree in the Amazon like reducing 730 KG/year ?

I understand the money saving aspect, but you yourself wrote that there are MUCH more efficient ways to reduce carbon footprint.

Shadox said...

I absolutely did write those things and I still completely support the notion that there are far more financially efficient methods of reducing carbon emmissions than buying a hybrid car.

HOWEVER, getting better fuel econommy from my existing car is a net gain any way you turn it: I reduce my carbon emissions AND reduce my costs. Now, why on Earth would I not want to do that?

Sure, I could plant a tree in the Amazon forest instead of driving more efficiently, but why can't i do both? Now excuse me I need to pick up my shovel, I was just on my way to plant some trees in Brazil... :-)