Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stewart vs. Cramer - the Movie

I really dislike CNBC and always have. This is a group of folks that are trying to make a living - true - but in the name of profits they are misleading a substantial group of people into thinking that what they are doing is somehow connected to investment success or financial savvy, rather than being what it truly is: a particularly bizarre and shrill form of entertainment. 

Anyway, one person is finally calling these guys out: John Stewart. More and more this guy seems like the closest thing to a serious reporter that we have available to us... Anyway, while I am guessing most of my readers have already seen this clip, I think it is impressive enough to link to it on my blog as well. If you haven't seen it, it is a must see. Way to go John!

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Sanjeev said...

How do I leave feedback about your blog in general? There is no link where I can learn a bit about who you are and why you blog. There is no way for me to provide you with my feedback regarding what I think about your blog. Do you have any 'Contact me' or 'Feedback' link on your blog? Or is it that you do not care about the feedback from your readers?

Shadox said...


Of course I care, but I haven't dedicated a separate section of the blog for general comments. My readers are welcome leave comments on any post and I read each comment and respond to most. I can also be contacted at an e-mail address available on the left column of this blog.

With respect to a "why I blog" and "who I am" section, I have thought about this a great deal. Why I blog is something that I frequently talk about in my posts and the main reason is because I enjoy it. Maybe I should add a little section about this somewhere.

Regarding who I am - once again I periodically put such information in my posts, but because at this point I think it is wise for me to maintain anonymity- I have been somewhat careful about what I reveal. I do frequently make references to the fact that I am a technology executive, father of 3, married and living in Northern California. In my late 30's I work for a venture finance backed start-up, and an MBA and law degree. Oh, and I read a lot... :-)

Hopefully this gives you some insight without revealing too much about me.

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