Sunday, March 15, 2009

The WSJ Spots Signs of Economic Stabilization

This weekend's main headline in the WSJ was about signs of stabilization in the economy. From the article:
"...Consumers are still cutting back, but not as steeply as they were, data showed this week. Many retailers have reduced inventories on their shelves to the point that any pickup in demand will force them to restock. Prices for copper and scrap steel are rising, a hint that manufacturers are buying again. Oil prices are up 23% in the past four weeks, a sign demand may be firming. Shipping rates, sensitive to goods moving across the oceans, turned up even as governments reported declining world trade for January."
The article is full of other anecdotal evidence for a stabilization in economic activity. Not yet an uptick, mind you, but a possible sign that the worst may be over. It may be too early to call a bottom, but as I wrote a couple of weeks ago things aren't as bad as they seem. Funny that I noted some of the same signs of an uptick noted by the WSJ. I have way fewer subscribers, but then subscribing to Money and Such is free...

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