Monday, April 02, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #94 & Festival of Frugality #68

It is live, but personally, I hate the format... it's just a bunch of links. But let me tell you what I really think... :-)

My recent post on Vegas, Gambling and Your Investment Strategy, was placed under the Motivation, Planning and Goals section. Not clear on why.

I also found this interesting article about What Do To with Large Capital Gains on the Laws of Finance. The article deals with what to do with an asset that will be subject to large amounts of capital gains tax upon sale, but which is not expected to perform well. From my perspective, this is yet another advantage of index funds - since by definition they are expected to perform as well as their market benchmark.

Another good one is Ben Stein’s Basic Rules of Retirement on Wealth Building Lessons. One of my favorites is: "Get and stay married to a sensible person". Another one that I don't think is a good rule of thumb, also it obviously applies in many cases is: "Buy your home".

A spectacular post that is not part of the carnival is The 20 Dumbest Personal Finance Questions of All Time from Punny Money. It is simply hilarious and highly recommended. Who says personal finance must always be a serious matter?

Festival of Frugality #68 is up. It includes my post on using credit cards to get out of debt. Also included in the Festival is this article from Money Smart Life about saving money on magazines. One of the tips - pick up magazines from the recycling bin. Dude. If you're that strung out, I will send you my own magazines. I will only go THAT far to save money.


Adventures In Money Making said...

yeah i wasn't too happy with the format either!

Ben said...

Awwww, you're so generous :) I barely have time to read the two magazines I do get via gift subscription but thanks for the offer!