Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My good friend Frugal Zeitgeist called me out to play in this little meme game that's been going around, it's called Five Obsessions. Well, since I have been given a soap box, I might as well climb it and start preaching, right?

Here are my top five obsessions:

1. Family - family uber alles! I feel blessed and extremely lucky to have a wife I adore and three awesome boys. They are the centerpiece of my life. The rest of my family lives very far from us and not being able to share the daily lives of my parents and siblings is one of my big frustrations. My wife's family is all from the Bay Area, so if we were to move closer to my family, my wife would be away from hers. It's an unfortunate state of affairs, but such is life.

2. Personal Finance - I think this is probably a clinical obsession with me. I manage our finances on a daily basis. I intimately know the details of our investment portfolio, bank accounts, 401k plans and credit cards. I am obsessive about planning my career, but you wouldn't know it from the number of strange turns my career has taken. I make it a point to start my day by reading a few personal finance blogs, as well as some economic headlines. AND I stay up well into the night writing these articles about personal finance that I post every morning. Clearly, I have an obsessive personality at least as far as personal finance is involved.

3. Science - Science defines me. It amazes me. It dazzles me. I voraciously devour anything science related, but I especially enjoy astronomy and physics. I find it simply incredible that humankind has come so far through its scientific reasoning and sheer will-power. I also find it hard to believe that while flying in planes, watching television and eating genetically engineered crops, there are some of us that still refuse to accept the underlying truth of science. Yes, yes, I know, that's why they call it an obsession.

4. Strategy & Adventure Games - Have you ever looked at the watch and realized that it's tomorrow? Happened to me more than a few times. If I get into a good computer game (think Civilizations III) I simply cease to notice the passage of time.

5. Being Right - Everyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessive about being right. I hate being wrong, and I like to argue. A deadly combination, but in a lovable sort of way... Or... that's what I tell myself... obsessively.

Extra Credit Obsession - 42 - About a year ago, I developed a little obsession with the number 42... Wanna know why? Check this out: 42.

So, now it's time to return the meme into its natural habitat of the blogosphere. I call Not Made of Money; 1st Million; and Mapgirl, to come out and play! I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy reading your blogs.


mapgirl said...

Sorry! I got tagged already. Tag someone else so we can find out who else is crazy. *wink*

frugal zeitgeist said...

Very, very nice!! Thanks for playing. With love from your favorite wench. ;-)