Friday, April 27, 2007

Fun and Games with TSA

Ladies and gentlemen, Shadox has left the country (at least temporarily)! I am currently on an international business trip, and thought I would share some travel adventures, even though they are not directly related to personal finance:

1. Fun with the TSA - you know how you are no longer supposed to fly any liquids or gels in containers larger than 3 oz.? When I left San Francisco yesterday, I had with me a tube of toothpaste that was labeled 3.7 oz. however, the tube was almost empty (and visibly so). Not good enough. TSA confiscated this dangerous substance and tossed it.

I had one connection on my flight. On the first leg I received a soda can, which I didn't drink. I put it in my carry-on so I could quench my thirst while waiting for my connection. You know me - a cheap bastard - why should I buy $3 airport soda when I have a perfectly good can of Diet Coke that I got for free. Unfortunately, I did not realize that my continuing flight left from another terminal. I had to go through security again. Diet Coke can - confiscated.

It's a good thing that no one has tried to board an airliner with explosive underwear yet... every time the government imposes a new ridiculous rule, we just take it lying down, all in the name of fake security.

2. Luggage Adventures - my luggage didn't make it. I don't know why I thought it would. I had a 2.5 hour connection and changed airlines. All I have now are the clothes on my back and whatever was in my carry-on (which did not include any thing you can wear). I guess tomorrow is a clothes shopping day.

3. Car Rental Adventures - after a really long flight, it took me "only" 90 minutes to get my rental car. The car rental office was operated from a permanently parked van... next time, I am only renting from Hertz, and I don't care which rental company my company has a corporate rate with.

With so many little annoyances, restrictions and delays, it is a wonder business people are still willing to travel. The travel industry has been working diligently to make itself despised by those very customers from which it gets most of its income. Not a very smart business strategy, but I guess their comeuppance will have to wait for another day. Rest assured, their uppance shall come.

So, what does a frustrated and extremely jet-lagged Shadox do? Write some blog entries, of-course.

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