Sunday, May 17, 2009

Career Clinic #2

Here is my roundup of weekly career and job related posts from around the PF blogosphere. I am specifically looking for career and job related posts, so if you publish one let me know and I may include you in the next Clinic:

Consumerism Commentary published a list of well paying jobs and some low paying jobs. Surprisingly, folks in the medical profession top the list. I would have guessed investment banking would take the #1 spot.  

Wise Bread advises his readers on how to find freelance work. It's all good advice, but from my experience, the best source of free lance work is your professional network and in particular, former colleagues. These are people who know you and will be happy to send you some work if the right opportunity comes along.

Free Money Finance published an article about 30 second video resumes that have started airing on his local TV station. His advice, which I fully agree with, is that if you are going to be putting yourself out there you had better be prepared. Don't waste the chance, be concise and talk about accomplishments. I also have to wonder if such gimmicks really get people hired. Another good one from Free Money Finance is a post about how to increase your salary.

Plonkee is talking about how her new job is effecting her business attire. It's always a good idea to dress for success. My philosophy has always been to dress one level more formal than the rest of the guys in my company. It's also a function of my specific position with the company and the fact that much of my work involves meeting people from outside the company.

Finally, Financial Fizzle has a post post about whether it's a good idea for both parents to work. Ultimately, it's a personal choice but I have previously weighed in on the same issue pointing to all the often overlooked costs of staying at home with the kids. Financial Fizzle also offers some job hunting tips for graduates.

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