Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wolfram & Financial Planning

Last week I told you about the future... Wolfram Alpha. Well, the future is here. This past weekend Wolfram went live. I thought I would share with you a little example of what happens when you type two mutual fund or stock ticker symbols into Wolfram.

I picked Vanguard's Total Market Index and Vanguard's Total Bond Index funds and voila... everything you ever wanted to know about these mutual funds and the connection between them (including a correlation matrix and some wierd projections that I wouldn't try to take to the bank). How awesome is that?

Check out the live results and try some of your own inputs here.

Some other bloggers are recommending financial tools that may be interesting for you:

The Dough Roller offers this free debt reduction calculator.

Frugal Zeitgeist has a link to a bunch of different financial calculators, including ones from yours truly.

Money Smart Life has a post about getting your free credit reports. Personally, I only use Annual Credit Report - even though they have made it intentionally difficult to navigate that site.

Finally, Blunt Money explains how to find a mechanic you can trust. It's not exactly a financial calculator or report, but I really could have used this article when my car broke down a couple of weeks ago. I think I still did OK, but who knows?

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