Sunday, May 03, 2009

Career Clinic: Posts & Questions Please

I have come to the dismal conclusion that PF bloggers don't write enough about career development. This is a shame, since for most people their career is their biggest financial asset and most important source of income.

So, with that in mind, I am happy to announce the Money and Such Career Clinic. 


I will add a link on Money and Such to any career related post that I can find or that is sent to me by any PF blogger.

I will answer career related questions that I receive from my readers or from anyone else that cares to send me one (I don't know how many I will receive, but will at the very least respond by e-mail with an answer to anyone who sends in a question). Some of the good questions and answers will be posted on Money and Such (together with any relevant links).

You can contact me by sending an e-mail to shadox1 at the domain name


Monday, May 11th. Please send me any submissions by Sunday afternoon (Pacific Time). 


I don't have a lot of reach, so I am asking my blogger friends to help me drum up some posts and questions. Come on, write one post about career development, work place dilemmas, finding a new job, dealing with a bad boss, or any other career related item that comes to mind.

All submissions welcome, but I would like to specifically encourage some of my regular readers and blogger friends to contribute, including Digerati Life, Frugal Zeitgeist, Investoralist, Plonkee Money (would be nice if you could help me get some other folks to write some posts as well).

Let's see if this is of interest to anyone...

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frugal zeitgeist said...

Sorry, Shadox - I don't think I can play this week. I have house guests arriving this Friday and I'm frantically pre-writing posts to automatically publish while I'm on vacation during their stay. I could help out the week of the 17th, though.

Rob Bennett said...

I also would like to see more blogs focus on career planning. I see money management as a three-stage process: (1) earning it; (2) saving it; and (3) investing it to relieve yourself of the need to continue earning it. So career planning is as much a part of the package as saving and investing.

Unfortunately, I have been tied up with investing topics for the past seven years and have not been able to spend much time on career-planning stuff. Here is an article at my site that collects thoughts on various aspect of the career planning process:

The Digerati Life said...

Hi Shadox,

I can do this by next week! I'll have something for you! :) Thanks for the invitation. I do write about job and career matters on occasion but I agree with you that more coverage would be great!