Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Have a Fun, Cheap Weekend

The family and I got a good deal this long holiday weekend. A friend from my office let us use his mountain cabin for three days, absolutely free. The cabin, located in Gold Country - about a three hour drive east from San Francisco - is bigger and nicer than our house, and is located in the middle of a pine forest. The good life.

We spent the weekend hiking, playing in the snow (there is still some of that on the mountain tops), taking some scenic drives and visiting historic gold rush towns. We ate in, and only spent small amounts of money on park entrance fees and on the odd ice-cream cone. The weather cooperated with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid seventies. It's good to live in California.

All in, the whole three day trip probably cost us no more than about $150 for a family of five. That tally does not include the cost of gas for the trip and the wine and chocolate gifts we left for our gracious hosts.

It's good to have friends with vacation cabins in fun places. Anyone got a cabin in Lake Tahoe or San Diego they want to lend me for a weekend? I promise to write a nice post about you in return...

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frugal zeitgeist said...

How about a fold-out sofa in New Yawk?

ASW: lowstat

Shadox said...

Hmmm... that does sound tempting, but... maybe another day.